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Optimum health & nutrition for our ageing population

Deakin City Centre, Melbourne - 24 October 2012

Brought to you by International Life Sciences Institute SEAR Australasia Inc and The Omega-3 Centre Inc.

Click here for the program - There were four modules directly related to LC Omega-3 health benefits.


1.    To provide information on key issues affecting nutrition in the ageing,
2.    To provide an update on the latest science on nutrition in the ageing,
3.    To make recommendations for future research and for action by industry and government to help address nutrition issues for the ageing.


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Speakers included:
Prof Sandra Capra - University of Queensland
Ms Georgie Rist -  MyGene
Dr Les Cleland – Royal Adelaide Hospital
Dr David Colquhoun  - University of Queensland
Prof Merlin Thomas – Baker IDI Diabetic Complication Lab
Ms Yvonne Coleman – Nutrition Consultants Australia
Prof Eric Reynolds -  Melbourne Dental College
Assoc Prof Vicki Flood – University of Wollongong
Dr Solomon Yu, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Adelaide
Prof Caryl Nowson -  Deakin University

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