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Canned Tuna and omega-3

Does canned tuna contain omega 3?

The long chain omega-3 content in canned tuna does vary because of the following reasons:

• There are different species of tuna that have different levels of long chain omega-3s. Seasonal variations and the age of the tuna also effect the levels of long chain omega-3s.

• Some cleaning and cooking processes prior to canning can cause some of the oil to be lost from the fish. The oil that is lost is often collected, refined and re-enters the food supply as fish oil.

• The Omega-3 rich part of the tuna - the dark meat - may not be included in canned tuna as many consumers do not like the look or taste of the dark tuna meat so manufacturers do not include this part in specific canned tuna products.

It is best to check the label to see if the canned tuna contains omega-3. Make sure you look in the Nutrition Information Panel for DHA and EPA and choose tuna with higher levels of these omega-3s.

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